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Professional Development Award in Supported Employment

27 June, 2017

In the past few years the supported employment sector hasn't been able to invest in staff development as it might have liked to due to limited resources; and until recently there was no qualification that was suitable for staff to pursue.  SUSE has long recognised the need to improve in this area and played a major role in the development and piloting of the Professional Award in Supported Employment.

To date approximately 60 employment workers across Scotland have achieved the full award.  The feedback from these completers tells us that front line workers have improved their skills and have greater confidence to support employers and find creative solutions for jobseekers who face significant barriers to paid work.

Over the next few years we want the people who are using services to experience a marked improvement in the support they get from employment workers who are better trained, motivated and systematic in their approach.  As we move towards the final year of our Big Lottery Project we have recognised the need to align 'More than the Sum of the Parts' with recent developments in the employability sector; to achieve a lasting impact for disabled jobseekers, employers and SUSE members.  The Big Lottery have given us approval to add some exciting new activities to the project that will contribute to the achievement of our outcomes of July 2018.

The advent of Fair Start Scotland creates an urgent training and development need for the staff of SUSE members and other providers who may be successful in the bidding process for these new contracts.   We aim to kick start this by supporting the take up of the Professional Development Award in the year ahead.

By July 2018 More Than The Sum of the Parts will increase the numbers of providers who are accredited to deliver the PDS and support new workers to achieve the full award.   We will offer 20 free places on the PDA for staff from current SUSE members; and three providers will be supported to gain accreditation to deliver the award significantly increasing the capacity in the sector to train current and future staff.

We will be releasing more information about this exciting development in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, if you wish to register an interest you can do so by emailing michelle@susescotland.scot or david@susescotland.scot