SUSE 2011 Conference Report

Report of the SUSE 2011 Conference, March 31st

The event was a one day conference with key note speakers and two rounds of parallel sessions. Click here for the agenda.

A report of the day is available to download, and the presentations are available.

Click here to access Professor Danson's key note presentation.

Click here to find the presentation by Pippa Coutts, on the behalf of SUSE, on the development of tools for monitoring and benchmarking supported employment services. This highlights work that has been going on in the supported employment framework demonstration sites - Stirling and Midlothian (Intowork). More details can be found on the SUSE learning portal.

Click here to find the presentation by Sheila Durie, Director of SROI-UK, on social return on investment and supported employment. This gives information on supported employment outcomes, and the role of SROI in measuring outcomes. It includes links to SROI evaluations of supported employment services, such as the evaluation of Real Jobs, The Action Group in Edinburgh. 

Click here to find the presentation of Neal Mackay External Relations Director for Forth Sector, Forth Sector - Scaling up to meet the challenge. This workshop focussed on Forth Sector's recent review of its businesses (social firms) and development of a business plan for an 'employability hub'. The hub will house most of Forth Sector's businesses, which with investment in people, production facilities and marketing will grow by a factor of five to promote sustainability. 

The 2011 Conference included time for discussion of current threats and opportunities for supported employment, as the demand for support for disabled people looking for work increases at the same as agencies feel threatened by the introduction of The Work Programme and declines in Local Authority funding. The conference argued that supported employment is a value for money intervention necessary in these times of change and austerity.

The report contains the main conference themes

If you'd like to provide any feedback on the conference or the report, please contact the organisers: Margaret Jackson -; Pippa Coutts