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Equality and Diversity Toolkit

These Equality and Diversity factsheets will help you encourage, accommodate and implement diversity in your organisation.


This resource is aimed only at organisers of events for business or other audiences who are looking for ideas for presenting information to raise awareness of the business case for diversity.

It is not specifically a legal information resource, nor a resource for staff training in Diversity Awareness. It does not address issues of possible changes in the legal framework for discrimination law in the UK or EU.

The Notes in this resource are based upon our (Law at Work) experience of the organisation and presentation of a series of 9 'Business Case for Diversity' workshops for the Scottish Union of Supported Employment around Scotland in autumn 2008. They were supported financially by the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission for Scotland.

The resource attempts to highlight some of the learning from this project, together with some practical suggestions for event organisers and we hope that they serve as a starting point for organisers of similar events in future.

Supporting equality and diversity factsheets are available to download: -

Equality and Diversity factsheets