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Supported Employment promotes the rights of all individuals to achieved their full potential through a model of flexible support that enable people to overcome barriers to their employability and access real jobs for real pay.



The SUSE E-Bulletin is emailed monthly to SUSE Directors, who then distribute it to Regional SUSE Members. It provides a quick and easy way for SUSE Members to be kept up-to-date with current information and developments. Below are copies of previous E-bulletins. If you would like to subscribe to the E-bulletin, or receive copies of any bulletins not featured below, please contact SUSE.

E Bulletin August 2012

E bulletin May 2012

E bulletin April 2012

E Bulletin August 2011

E Bulletin July 2011

May 2011 ebulletin

SUSE Ebulletin

ebulletin April 2011

E Bulletin 11: December 2010

E Bulletin 10: October 2010

E Bulletin 09: September 2010

E Bulletin 08: August 2010

E Bulletin 07: July 2010

E Bulletin 06: June 2010

E Bulletin 05: May 2010

E Bulletin 04: April 2010