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DuoDay brings together people with disabilities, supported employment agencies and local employers for one day to promote equal employment opportunities across Europe. It highlights the positive contribution people with disabilities make at work. 

Duoday, also known as Shadow Day, started in Ireland in 2008 and is now taking place in 9 countries across Europe.  Scotland is joining this European movement in support of equal working rights for disabled people. 

The numbers of Duos created has increased steadily since 2008, and last year there were around 2000 duos created across Europe.  Businesses of all sizes across all sectors are responding positively because of the hugely positive impact it has on their workplace. Employers who have been involved previously include local government, banks and financial authorities, hotels, airports, retailers such as Carrefour, Decathlon, and L'Oréal and manufacturers such as Volvo.  


On 26 April 2018, SUSE will host its first DuoDay and our theme will be Leadership. People with disabilities have leadership aspirations and ambitions and we want to show that such opportunities exist for them in Scotland.

We want to promote the benefits of supported employment and the value that people with disabilities can bring to the workplace.  We also want to highlight the key role our members play in helping to bridge the disability employment gap. 

Therefore, we invite the chief executives and directors of our member organisations to fly the flag of supported employment and promote its benefits by taking part in a duo.   We are also inviting leaders in media, business and authorities in Scotland to show their support and join us to reduce the disability employment gap. 

Why get involved?

duoday2Jobseekers with an occupational disadvantage can gain insight into a business or role and learn more about the world of work.  They can explore new employment opportunities previously unavailable to them.   

Employers have a well-publicised opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace.  It is a way of challenging negative stereotypes that can exist around the employment of disabled people and demonstrates how obstacles or barriers to inclusion can be overcome.  

Supported employment agencies have the chance to promote their service to employers and jobseekers. 

SUSE will facilitate the duos, organise a social media campaign and promote the initiative in local and national media.  We hope you will join us to raise the profile of supported employment and show that inclusive workplaces have far reaching benefits. 

What will happen on 26 April 2018

Once a match is made, SUSE will coordinate the preparation each DuoDay pair and offer support to promote the employer and supported employment agency's involvement on social media.

On the day, the participant, the supported employment worker and the employer will meet, get to know each other and share their hopes, fears and expectations of DuoDay. The participant will shadow the employer as they go about their normal routine.  This allows them to have real workplace experience, to get involved as much as possible in the job and have a chance to ask questions. At the end of the day, there will be a chance for reflection. 

Other European countries are hosting their Duoday on the same date so it will be a European day of action in support of the inclusion of disabled people in the workplace and a high profile way of championing social justice.  

Join us!

Pin 26th April 2018 in your diary. Get involved, get working and get inclusive! 

To take part and for more information, please contact Dawn Edmiston at dawn@susescotland.scot.

notesMark 26 April 2018 as a day of providing opportunities by using the following 'post it note' tweets and spread the word and positive messages about supported employment. Follow and support DuoDay on Twitter @susescotland with the hashtag #2018duoday


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