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SUSE's Goal

SUSE works to promote the quality of supported employment in Scotland.

MLG Printing

MLG Glasgow is a successful printing company operating across three sites in Glasgow. The company employ a diverse workforce of approximately 420, with a good mix of young and older workers, male and female workers and workers with disabilities.

In a competitive labour market, MLG know it is good business sense to invest in existing employees as opposed to continually recruiting new staff. To support this, they have introduced an extensive induction process that harnesses the natural supports available. An example of this is that their in-house training involves mentoring and a buddy system Continual updates and reviews with staff are both formal and informal.

Last year MLG identified a couple of staff who were experiencing difficulties and wondered what they could do to support their employees to remain in work.

They decided to call SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) to ask for some advice. Janette McAllister, General Manager, said the information they received was terrific.

SAMH sent in an employment specialist to see what supports could be put in place for the staff members. As a result of this intervention, the three identified staff members have remained in work and other employees have come forward for in-work support.

Janette said that this has had great cost benefits to the company as it saved them recruitment and training costs and it also showed the staff members how much they are valued.

If employers are willing to be flexible and adaptable they will find a workforce that is willing and wanting to work

-Janette McAlister, General Manager MLG